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'Personal' means different things to different people, and covers a wide range of problems and emotions. For this web site, 'Personal' simply means all matter relating to you, including Personal problems, personal improvement and the like. It is a wide range of subject matter, and possibly one of the largest areas of this site. Time will tell.

We are not agony aunts nor uncles for that matter, and do not purport to be able to point you in the right direction on every issue.

However, the long experience of life itself allows for some well tried remedies to regular problems. Many will have experiences that they will no doubt want to share. Some will have answers based upon their own experiences. Many times a small problem can develop into stressful situation if not dealt with. We hope to build a database of a wide range of personal problems, with some ideas on how to sort the problem out.

'Personal' does not simply mean problems! Development of the 'self' is also a very important aspect, and is essentially personal to you. How to deal with the aspects of self improvement - motivation, positive attitudes, getting rid of personal lack of confidence, all require some action of a personal nature.

Common sense usually plays an important part in solving personal problems. Nothing beats communication, for without communication, many problems will never get sorted. So, go ahead and communicate if at all possible.

Some of our main headings for this Personal section will include...

As you can see, we are going to be busy - Heck we ARE busy already, collecting the information and in particular validating its authenticity.

Nothing will ensure success in life more than a good sound personal base. get yourself right at success invariably follows. Confidence by itself is not enough of course, but without confidence, and aspect of your personal life will be more difficult - not impossible - to improve.

Personal Skills.

Personal skills training is not some fancy term - though it is often used to extreme by would-be 'trainer'. There is much you can do to train yourself in personal skills that will help you though life. Getting your foot on the first rung of the ladder is normally the first step - so to speak. But, you will never get to the top, or even halfway, without taking that first step forward and upward.

 The great thing is, that most skills developed for personal life, are automatically transferred into all other aspects of your life, friendship development, relationship success and of course the gateway to financial life for more - career success. 

Setbacks - and we all have them - are the basics of learning! How many setbacks did Edison have before that wretched electric light bulb finally worked? Many - and he learned from every one, persevered and finally changed the way we all live! Maybe your own personal success story will not be as awe inspiring to others, but it could well be for you! And in this section, it is the 'You' the personal 'You' that we concentrate on.

OK - Let's go!

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