A holiday is usually a carefree time, sometimes relaxing or active, but mostly carefree. Welcome to a simple guide about holidays advice with information and help for holidaymakers.

Advice About Holidays and Vacation Information

Holidays can – and do – go wrong, often through no fault of our own. But, sometimes we make wrong decisions about where to go, when to go, and even who to go with.

In the past, many vacationers took traveling to distant lands for granted. Nowadays, changed personal circumstances, often for reasons beyond our control, might limit those choices.

Costs are spiraling – especially for those newer, as yet undiscovered havens. Air travel and better road travel facilities might be the deciding factor. The weather also plays an important part in our decision making.

The number and type of holidays on offer seems to be increasing year by year, as many destinations choose to opt for the tourist’s pound. At the same time, many of those destinations are becoming less favoured. Is it because of their sometimes tack conversion from idyllic little spot to tourist hotspot?

The foremost choice for holidays, is whether to go abroad or stay in the home country. There are advantages and disadvantages in both options.

Holidays in United Kingdom

Holidays in Great Britain are a rewarding experience for most. But, prepare to do something a little different to get the best out of a holiday in the United Kingdom.

Many prefer to go to the same place – hotel even – year after year, and generally there is safety in that option. Better the devil you know.

One thing that appeals to many is being at home with the language, the currency, and to a lesser extent, the food!

Holidays in a Foreign Country

The choice of a holiday abroad is the one that appeals to those of a slightly more adventurous nature. Some will not feel that it is a holiday unless there are several hours of flying at the start and end of the journey.

Again, people often go back to that which they know best. Maybe a hotel, an exclusive resort, or a mountain villa gave you everything you wanted from a holiday last time you vacationed.

Things change rapidly these days, particularly so with holiday destinations abroad. There is more need to change and present a better experience each year. Most package holidays aim to please the ‘regulars’ as well as competing for the newcomers.

Of course, people change! Staff, holidaymakers, or even the venue and surroundings might have changed. What was there last year, which you found so appealing, may now have changed so much that it has become a totally different place.

Holiday Travel Advice

If you holiday at home, there will almost certainly be journey snags or holdups. Late night or early morning starts may alleviate the problem, as will mid week travel.

Why is there a need to travel on Saturdays and Sundays? Holiday venues are starting to become flexible in when a week should start and finish. But getting off work on a given day, and school holidays, are often the biggest problems to deal with.

If you are travelling abroad, whether peak or off-peak, there is always the risk of flight delays and their inbuilt problems. Your baggage may, or may not, arrive at the intended destination. Lost baggage may be a problem for the minority, but one that needs to be borne in mind for all.

Note: There will be flight rules and regulations and luggage restrictions in place at most airports when flying overseas.

General Considerations about Holidaying

Whether home or abroad, your holiday will usually need booking in advance. At home, it is easier to deal direct with the hotel, camp, or whatever. Abroad, you may need to deal with a tour operator, even when booking a basic vacation.

You should never ignore getting adequate insurance for the journey and for the overseas stay. If it is an all-inclusive holiday, you should pay a lot of attention to the exclusion clauses in insurance policies. You will generally find more ‘exclusions’ than ‘inclusions’!

Nowadays, there is a huge range of choices for home and abroad holiday venues and types. There is also choice in how to holiday, such as:

  • Package holidays
  • All inclusive deals
  • Hotel only holidays
  • Late deals
  • Cancellation chances
  • Sun/snow holidays
  • Seaside/country holidays

Whatever decision you make, it should be after a great deal of thought. This is especially so for those who are making up the holiday party. It is far better to all go on holiday ‘together’ rather than simply go on a holiday as a ‘guest’!

On holiday, prepare to be around unfamiliar partners and families. Thus, some thought is needed when considering the personal likes and dislikes of your group.

Holidays should be fun and relaxing times. But, they are not always so. Some holidays actually sow seeds of discontent that can eventually end up in unpleasant unforeseen events upon or soon after, the return home!