Hobbies often help to soften the stressful effects of modern life. In particular, having a fun and enjoyable hobby or pastime can go a long way to combating the effects of stress.

Conversely, too much emphasis on your own particular hobby can CREATE stress. This is most true with partners and family members outside your areas of interest!

There is no shortage of golfing and angling jokes about hobbies and pastimes. They are simply a paraphrase of what actually can happen in real life. Allowing a hobby to become too possessive can take place to the exclusion of others.

But generally, the pursuit of a hobby has much to offer in counteracting the pressures of real life. If you can learn to control yourself, and the activities of your diversion, it will help to ensure no problems are building up close by!

Why Do People Have Hobbies and Pastimes?

For some, hobbies are a potential causes of unhappy relationships. You might also argue that a hobby is the ‘result’ of an unhappy relationship. It is rare to find popular hobbies that are inclusive of loved ones. Instead, both sexes use them from time to time as a little bit of ‘privacy’ and ‘freedom’.

Hobbies and pastimes are plentiful and more accessible than at any other time. Nowadays, there are a huge range of hobbies from which to choose. For some, a hobby is a way of escaping from life, and yet for others a hobby is a way of getting more out of life itself.

In simple terms, abroad definition of a hobby would be along the lines of:

“Something you enjoy doing on quite a regular basis… or as and when the need to ‘escape’ arises”.

In most cases, having a hobby will cost money. But, you can turn some hobbies into second incomes, or sometimes the main source of income. Yes, it is possible to have hobbies that make money. It’s not easy to achieve… but it’s possible!.

Advantages of Having a Hobby

We all have different requirements in life. The same goes for various hobbies. Even though they usually take place during leisure time, they sometimes spill over into family time as well, or even into work time.

One advantageous side effect of having a hobby is the fact that it can help you gain confidence in different ways. For example, a hobby might entail making or creating something. So, you may get compliments and, in turn, a definite boost to your confidence levels!

The documented therapeutic effects of hobbies are in plentiful supply. It can give relief from worry and stress from work or personal life. In fact , the stress from employment often spills over into leisure time and ‘space’. A hobby that fills that space can only be to the good.

Making New Friends through Hobbies

Most hobbies actually entail physically ‘doing’ something and they have an end product. Whereas, some hobbies entail doing something and simply having satisfaction as the end result.

In most cases, being engrossed in a hobby can make it easier to make new friends. Try a few searches on the internet – either worldwide for E-pal friends or a ‘local’ search for someone in your own town. You might even hook up with a new friend in your own street or apartment block.

Active Hobbies

Many sports become hobby pastimes. It is probably true to say that most sport professionals actually started out as a hobby or pastime! There is such a fine dividing line between the pursuit of sport as a leisure for pleasure.

Home Hobbies

Home hobbies are those you can carry out in the comfort of your own home – regardless of the weather outside. Some of the most common examples include:


There is no shortage of surprising items that people collect as part of a hobby collection. For example, the range of things collected include:

  • Antiques
  • Books
  • Coins
  • Comics
  • Dolls
  • Porcelain
  • Stamps
  • Toys
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Reading as a hobby, or joining a book club, is a wonderful way to spend free time and relax (if you choose the right books).


You can turn all sorts of writing into a money earner, if you are good enough and persevere. One thing is certain, the more bizarre you think your hobby is, the more likely you are to find like minded hobbyists near you!

Hobbies that Can Make Money

So, is there a way to earn cash from a hobby? The dream of many hobbyists is to actually make money out of their hobby or interest. It must surely be better to make money from something you enjoy doing rather than working for it.

Much depends upon what you perceive to be ‘making money from your hobby’. Covering the cost of your hobby by selling a few things at a boot fair is one thing. But, actually having a hobby that can earn you money is quite another.

If making money from your hobby is the end game, then you can easily slide into the area of working, instead of enjoying your hobby. That is not to say that you cannot at the same time enjoy it more than you enjoy your current job. Remember, a job provides funds with which to enjoy your hobby!

If you want to earn cash from your hobby, read on!

There are certain hobby types that can make money. But most of them require you to spend money to acquire the material and equipment required for a particular hobby.

Photography is one such hobby that usually requires a considerable outlay before you start to earn money from what is undoubtedly a pleasurable pastime.

I know from experience that there are declining returns in this particular paying hobby. It is not easy to simply cover the cost of the initial outlay on equipment, never mind trying to make it earn you money.

Hobbies that can simply cover their costs are easy to find. Hobbies that actually earn money are more difficult, though not impossible. A lot would also depend how you value your own free time.

Some low-cost hobbies that have a potential to earn cash include:

Earning Money From a Writing Hobby

Writing for money can be hard work, but it can also be very rewarding, both personally and financially.

Writing is one of those rare hobbies that can cost you nothing, and at the same time, can provide you with many hours of pleasure. What better way is there to express yourself without having to worry about others’ reactions. Unless of course, your writing ends up on some medium where it is accessible for others to read.

If you simply enjoy writing, and you are happy doing it (in any form) then you should continue enjoying your leisure pursuit.

But, what if the idea of earning some money from your enjoyable hobby might surfaces? There are many opportunities to earn at least some pocket money from writing, or even a good second income. Yes indeed, you can make money by writing from home.

A word of caution: Being a published author is a dream for many and a reality for a few.

Testing Your Writing skills and Market Potential

The quickest and easiest way to test your writing skill on others, is by having access to a blog. You can either start your own online blog, or offer to submit a guest post to an existing blog.

Alternatively, you can get yourself a social media page for free, such as the ever popular Facebook. If anything, Facebook pages tend to be more frivolous than most others.

The first step will be to decide the subject matter – preferably something of which you have in-depth knowledge. Then you should write, build a following, and assess the reactions to what you write about.

A new page meant specifically for your writing skills is preferable to your existing personal page. Personal pages are for chat, letting off steam, or simply keeping in touch with family and friends. As a rule, they are not for heavy, serious written matter. Either way, you will rarely get meaningful feedback about written content on personal pages.

Write right… and then write again!

Writing for many is a ‘numbers’ game. The more you write, the more likely you are to make some cash, or find out quite quickly that your writing style and subject is not required.

Don’t write, put the pen down, and wait for the cash to arrive. Write some more while you are writing. It is all good practice. A thousand words a day would be good, but as it’s a hobby… maybe 500+!

If you have already had some success without going through the stages of blogging, you can start finding markets for your writing. There are many different areas you should explore. But you should study the ones that are best suited to your skills, interests, and expert knowledge, to start off with.

The areas to avoid in the first instance would be magazine and book publishers. They have a wealth of established writers and ghost writers on their books. Many of whom are forced into doing exactly the same as you want to do!

Writing Website Content for Money

Now there is a huge market for good, well written articles in the website area of things. Everyone needs written content, and not too many can do it well enough. It is a market well worth cultivating and getting to know. All websites need written content – and masses of it.

A good avenue of approach would be websites or SEO companies based in your locale. SEO companies often have to include written content for the websites of clients that they are optimizing.

Note: Don’t be sloppy in your approach. Remember, the plan is for you to earn money from writing so you will need to be professional.

Photography as a Hobby

A picture does indeed paint a thousand words. That is why magazines, newspapers, websites, flyers, and all manner of publications use photos. A photograph will grab your attention much quicker than the first paragraph of any written content. That is why so many pictures are used in the increasing battle for your time

There are many ways to earn a little money online, or maybe thousands, from photography. The easiest and most cost effective way for the amateur is by selling your photos online through an established digital picture library.

All pictures used, come from photographers. They will either be professionals or amateur hobbyists trying to make a bit of money from their hobby. The days of arranging appointments with picture editors to show your portfolio are long gone. We are now in the age of the Internet!

Online Image Libraries as a Money Earning Hobby

The Internet serves the would-be money making photographer in a number of ways. Not least, by giving them the opportunity to sell their photos online. Most photos for publication are now purchased from an Internet based source or from a photographer’s own website.

But, the majority come from one of the many picture libraries that sell digital media to publishers. Established picture libraries have millions of images online for the would-be buyer to choose from. They use sophisticated search methods to allow the buyer to find what they are looking for… and fast!

If you are a reasonably adept amateur photographer with a half decent digital camera, you can also have your photos in these collections. You can set up access to thousands of buyers who want to buy photos (like yours).

Submission to Picture Libraries

You will first need access to the picture library. They don’t simply place any old photo in their collection. They have reputations and a business to guard that may have cost them millions to set up.

It is normal to have to submit a few pictures for the picture library to assess the artistic and technical merits of the work. Modern digital cameras usually ensure the correct technical specifications get met. Artistically, it is up to you.

Before you submit your samples, read and re-read the particular library’s submission requirements regarding all aspects of photographic images. This will almost certainly include, file size, image dimensions, and even a list of acceptable cameras that can be used.

How Much Can You Earn by Selling Images Online?

How long is a piece of string? In most cases, picture or image libraries are the way forward for a steady stream of income that you can build up over months or years by regular submissions of your work. They are not generally for impulse sales, unless you happen to have a good image of a current event sought after by interested media groups.

An attainable cash return is an average of around one (1) dollar per image on the library per year. Some images may never sell, whereas others may sell multiple times.

So say, 1,000 images could net you around $1,000. It can be more… a lot more (and it can be less). The important thing to realize is that those same 1,000 images will probably earn you the same amount for the next three or four years. It may even be longer depending upon the ‘aging’ qualities of the subject matter.