Leisure time and pleasure time! They are important aspects of life and living. It is a time when the body and mind can regenerate, as they need to, in order to function properly.

You might agree that one of the best definitions of leisure is:

  • Doing what you want to
  • When you want to do it
  • How you want to do it
  • And… where you want to do it

That said, most leisure pursuits take place with, or around, other people. So, you might need to add… ‘with who you want to’.

In other words, most people like their leisure time to be pleasure time as well. Spare time is an excuse to do what you enjoy most – and sometimes with others.

Definition of Leisure Time

Let’s take a look at the various definitions found in miscellaneous dictionaries for our topic of free time activities. Leisure is basically a range of activities that people engage in, without worrying about the usual encumbrances of life (e.g. work).

The freedom aspect of taking time off does not always need to be planned. The respite can be a simultaneous outburst of ‘doing your own thing’.

Telling your boss what to do with his job and walking out of the door does not count as recreation. Even so, the end result of such action may mean you have rather more time for leisure than you had anticipated!

Taking Time Off from Work

In real life, leisure time is generally a set time every month, week or day even. Weekends away from work are typical examples, although other necessary activities may have to take precedence. Not all ‘free’ time from work is leisure!

Everyone has their own definition of breathing space. But, reality dictates that only some will be lucky enough to engage in spare time pursuits and activities. Thus, the main criteria must surely be to attain ‘freedom from the pressures of everyday life‘.

Some will class their own version of relaxation as being a time for participating in popular activities, such as:

  • A spot of gardening, such as preparing the vegetable plot ready for the following spring.
  • Engaging in a team game at the weekend, such as football, golf, or rugby.

Whereas, others will combine the inactivity from work with keeping fit, or a spot of weight training.

For many older folk, reading a book in a comfy armchair is another option, as is collecting postage stamps. There are strong links between leisure and hobbies, as are many forms of recreation and sport.

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