House and Home

Homes and houses are inextricably linked. They connect with essential parts of life and leisure time. Even so, there are striking differences between lifestyles in a house and a home!

A house is simply a building with four walls, a floor, and a roof. It is a material object that you can buy, sell, or live in.

For most people, the house is their home where they live much of their life. Despite also classing bungalows as houses, they only have a single level floor area.

Apartments and flats are also home for many, but normally lacking some of the essentials which classify ‘a house’. Nonetheless. it has the same characteristics to take into account when talking describing home lifestyles.

We describe a ‘home’ differently, for it encompasses all the material aspect of the house. But, it also includes the feelings – good and bad – that are part of living in a house and its close environment. Hence the sayings ‘feeling at home’ and ‘good to be home’!

In summary, it is much easier to move house than it is to move home! Moving house is swapping one building for another. Moving home is changing from one environment to a totally different one.

As this section develops we will include other topics related to house and home life, such as:

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