Leisure Time and Pleasure

Leisure is an important aspect of life. It is the time when the body and mind can regenerate - as it needs to - in order to function properly.

One of the best definitions of Leisure – for me – is ‘doing what I want; when I want; how I want; and where I want’. However, bearing in mind that my  leisure pursuits are often carried out with other people, then I guess I would also have to add in ‘with who I want’. In other words I lile my leisure time to be pleasure time as well. Simply enjoying my own thing - sometimes with others.

Getting nearer to the various dictionaries’ definition, Leisure is basically activities you engage in, without worry about the normal encumbrances of life – such as work or any onerous duties. Following on from that, the time you spend engaged in your particular version of leisure, can be described as your leisure time. Leisure does not have to be planned. It can be a simultaneous outburst of doing your own thing.

 Telling your boss what to do with his job and walking out of the door does not count as leisure time, though the end result may mean that you have rather more time for leisure than you had anticipated!

leisure pursuitsIn real life, leisure time is generally a set time every month, week or day even. Weekends away from work are typical examples, although other necessary activities may have to take precedence. Not all ‘free’ time from work is leisure!  

Everyone can have their own definition of leisure but reality dictates that not all will be lucky enough to engage in leisure pursuits and activities. The main criteria must surely be ‘freedom from the pressures of everyday life’. Some will class their own leisure as being activities such as preparing the vegetable plot for ready for the following spring, or engaging in a team game such as football at the weekend. Others will combine leisure with keeping fit – weight training even.

Reading a book in a comfy armchair is another option, as is collecting postage stamps. Leisure and Hobbies are very closely linked – as are all many forms of recreation and sport.

It’s ironic that many years ago, I was involved in a government department that was trying to prophesize what people would want to do in the forthcoming technological era (now) with all the leisure time that the wonders of technology would bring!


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