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Photography - Online Image Libraries as a Money Earning Hobby.

Japanese Maple stemsPattaya BayWat Pho - Bangkok - Thailand
All of the images above have sold through Picture Libraries. None of them are particularly artistic; but they sell and make money online!

A picture does indeed paint a thousand words. That is why magazines, newspapers, websites, flyers and all manner of publications use photos. A photograph will grab your attention much quicker than the first paragraph of any written content. That is why so many pictures are used in the increasing battle for your time

There are many ways to earn a little money online, or maybe thousands, from photography. The easiest and most cost effective way for the amateur is by selling your photos online through an established digital picture library..

All pictures used, come from photographers - either professional,  or increasingly, from amateur hobbyists wanting to make a bit of money from their hobby. The days of arranging appointments with picture editors to show your portfolio are long gone. We are now in the age of the internet!

The internet serves the would be money making photographer in a number of ways. Not least by giving you the opportunity to sell your photos online. Most photos for publication are now purchased from an internet based source. Sometimes from a photographer's own web site, but normally from one of the many picture libraries that sell digital media to publishers. Established picture libraries have millions of images online for the would be buyer to choose from - using quite sophisticated search methods to allow the buyer to find what they are looking for - quickly.

If you are a reasonably adept amateur photographer, with a half decent digital camera, you can also have your photos in these collections - with access to thousands of buyers who want to buy photos - maybe yours!

Submission to Picture Libraries

You will first need access to the picture library for they don't simply place any old photo in their collection. They have reputations and a business to guard, that has cost them millions to set up.

It is normal to have to submit a few pictures for the picture library to assess the artistic and technical merits of your work. Modern digital cameras normally ensure the correct technical specifications are met. Artistically, it is up to you. Not the  barrier you might think for buyers are increasingly turning to 'natural looking' photos rather than the heavily posed photos used in fashion.

Before you submit your samples, read and re-read the particular library’s submission requirement regarding all aspects of your photographic images. This will almost certainly include, file size, image dimensions and even a list of acceptable cameras that can be used.

How much can you Earn online by Selling Images?

How long is a piece of string? Picture or image libraries are normally the way forward for a steady stream of income that can be built up over months or years by regular submissions of your work. They are not generally for impulse sales – unless you happen to have a good image of a current event, which will be well sought after by interested media.

An attainable cash return is an average of around 1 dollar per image on the library per year! Some images may never sell, others may sell multiple times.

So say, 1,000 images could net you around $1000. It can be more – much more; it can be less. The important thing to realize, is that those same 1,000 images will probably earn you the same amount for the next three or four years – maybe longer depending upon the ‘aging’ qualities of the subject matter. 

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