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Having a hobby or two can often help soften the effects of modern life. In particular, a good hobby can go a long way to combating the effects of stress. Conversely, too much emphasis on your own particular hobby can cause stress. This is true with partners and family members outside your areas of interest!

Many of the golfing and angling jokes are simply a paraphrase of what actually happens in real life if a hobby is allowed to become too possessive to the exclusion of others.

But, generally, the pursuit of a hobby has much to offer in counteracting the pressures of ordinary real life. Just learn to control yourself and your hobbying to ensure no problems are building up close by!

For some, hobbies are possibly the cause of a few unhappy relationships. It could also be argued that a hobby is the 'result' of an unhappy relationship. Rarely are hobbies inclusive of loved ones. They are often that little bit of privacy and 'freedom' required by both sexes from time to time.

Whatever! Hobbies are plentiful and more accessible than at any other time, and there are a huge range of hobbies from which to choose. For some, a hobby is a way of escaping from life, for others a hobby can be a way of getting more from your existing life.

A broad definition of a hobby would be along the lines of "Something you enjoy doing on quite a regular basis or as when need to 'escape' arises". Normally a hobby costs money, but often hobbies are turned into second incomes - sometimes main income. Yes, it is possible to have hobbies that make money. Nor easy, but possible.

Advantages of Having a Hobby.

We all have different requirements in life. The same goes for various hobbies. Normally carried out in leisure time, they sometimes spill over into family time or even work time.

An added advantageous side effect of having a hobby, is the fact that it can help you gain confidence in a number of ways. If your hobby entails making something, you can well end up with getting compliments that you thought were the realm of others. A definite boost to confidence!

The therapeutic effects of hobbies are well documented, and can give relief from worry and stress both at from work or personal life. Employment is such these days, that it often spills over into your leisure time 'space'. A hobby to fill that space can only be to the good.

New friends are much easier to make if you are engrossed in a hobby. A few searches on the internet - either world-wide for E-pal friends or a 'local' search for someone in your own town - maybe even in your own street or apartment block.

Asking about - trying to get some other views on hobbies - I was presented with 'facebook-ing' as a hobby. In this case a hobby that certainly took place in work time and at any time that the mobile phone was present.

Quilt making - a good hobby now also as a social functionMost hobbies actually entail physically 'doing' something and have an end product. Some hobbies entail doing something and simply having satisfaction as the end result. I wonder if golf is included in the latter!

Active Hobbies

Many sports become hobby pastimes. It is probably true to say that most sport professionals actually started out as a hobby or pass-time! There is such a fine dividing line between the pursuit of sport as a leisure for pleasure.

Home Hobbies

Home hobbies are those that can be done in the comfort of your own home - regardless of the weather outside. They include....

One thing is certain. The more bizarre you think your hobby is, the more likely you are to find like minded hobbyists near you!

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