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Earn Money From Your Writing Hobby 

Writing for money can be hard work, but it can also be very rewarding, personally and financially.

Writing is one of those rare hobbies that can cost you nothing, and at the same time, can give many hours of pleasure. How else can you express yourself without having to worry about other's reactions - unless of course your writing ends up on some medium where it is accessible for others to read? If you simply enjoy writing and are happy with doing just that - in any form - then please continue to enjoy your leisure pursuit.

But, on the other hand, if the idea of earning some money from your enjoyable hobby might have surfaced, there are many opportunities to earn at least some pocket money from your writing, or maybe a good second income. yes, you can make money by writing from home.

Man typing at computerBeing a published author is a dream for many and a reality for a few.

Test Your Writing skills and your Market Potential

The quickest and easiest way to test your writing skill on others, is by having access to a blog. You can either start your own online blog, or offer to submit a guest post to an existing blog. Alternatively, you can get yourself a +Google page for free, or of course the popular Facebook. The latter seems to be more frivolous than the Google page.

Decide your subject matter - preferably something of which you have in-depth knowledge - and write, build a following, and assess the reactions to what you write. A new page specifically for your writing skills is preferable to your existing personal page. Personal pages are for chat, letting off steam, or simply keeping in touch. They are not for the serious written matter, and you will rarely get meaningful feedback about your writing, because everyone is into a form of vanity writing, and trying to upstage others.

Write Right and then write again!

Writing for many is a numbers game. The more you write, the more likely you are to make some cash, or find out quite quickly that your writing style and subject is not required. Don't write, put the pen down, and wait for the cash to arrive. Write some more while you are writing. It is all good practice. A thousand words a day would be good, but as it's a hobby maybe just 650!

If you have already had some success without going through the stages of blogging you can start finding markets for your writing. There are many different areas you should explore, but you should study the ones that are best suited to your skills, interests and expert knowledge to start. Areas to avoid in the first instance, would be magazine and book publishers. They have a wealth of established writers and ghost writers on their books - many of whom are forced into doing just the same as you want to do!

Writing Website Content for Money

Now there is a huge market for good, well written articles in the website area of things. Everyone needs written content, and not too many can do it well enough. It is a market well worth cultivating and getting to know.  All websites need written content – and masses of it.

A good avenue of approach, would be your local websites or local SEO companies that often have to include written content to clients that they do Search Engine Optimisation for.

Don't be sloppy in your approach. You are wanting to be professional - ie want to earn money from writing.

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