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Most homes in the UK have - or have access to - a modern computer. Desktop or laptop, both effectively do the same thing, but the laptop is ok for annoying fellow passengers on the tube or plane journey!

PC Demise

The sales of PCs have fallen quite substantially - held up only by sales to businesses. The reason? The growing popularity of the 'Tablet'. Tablets can do most of the things require by personal computer users already! You can be assured that with their growing popularity, they will be up-graded to do everything that is needed on a day to day basis. And of course, they are relatively cheap when compared to laptop or PC!

The Importance of the ‘Computer’.

Computers drive most of the ‘normal’ life in the so-called developed world.

As well as the hardware that we know as computers, we use many other computer based items in day to day use. If all computer-based technology stopped, our lives would change dramatically. Power systems would at best be disrupted; transport an absolute mess; many hospital functions would cease – even to the extent of patients dying; and the Income Tax system would cease!

On a day to day level, many watches or clocks would fail; shops would not be able to accept your money; you would not be able to get money out of, or into, your bank; many cars would stop; newspapers and magazines would not be; education would be more of a disaster; washing machines would malfunction, and anything based upon ‘chip’ technology would fail to work!

Mobile phones in particular, are changing all of the time. It will not be too long before the humble (!) mobile will be the only visible computer that we need in our lives. Many have already taken that as read, and use their smart phones for most of the applications they once used their laptops for.

Computers for Business

As well as the home-based computer uses, most businesses now rely on computers to keep their business running.

The collection and transfer of money is normally carried out via the computer – including the computerized systems that take money out of our credit cards and place it elsewhere!

 One of the reasons we do not fully realize the importance of computers is the fact that we cannot actually see them. The invisible computers keep our cars moving; change the traffic lights; catch us when speeding – or jumping the lights; tell us which turning to take in 50 metres along our journey; automatically turn our radios to the preferred station etc etc etc.

This is the world and time of the computer. You are in it – like it or not!

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