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Gardening Advice - Help and Information

There are usually simply things that can be done to make your garden and gardening more successful. The main problem is knowing what those simple things are!

Good advice about gardening is not too readily available - a simple fact that seems to have escaped the attention of many gardening outlets. Indeed, if the gardening trade - generally - were to make things easier for customers, then they would see their turnover increase dramatically - with very little extra costs!

In the absence of that type of action, we will do all we can to help! We have experts waiting to help and advise you with your gardening problems. Perhaps it is just a few ideas you want - those too!

Shrubs, lawns, perennials, vegetables, fruit, etc! Welcome to the world of gardening.

Our information and advice about gardening is generally at the basic level. But even then, we hope that it will be of help to the seasoned, experienced gardener. 

Like it or not, gardening for the masses is a seasonal hobby. Very few venture out in the cold, damp, winter months. On that topic, if there is one thing that makes gardens and gardening unpredictable, it is the changing season - within seasons. Spring often happens in summer, and summer often happens - for a day or so in the spring. Learning to judge the seasons is an important aspect of gardens. Garden centres make a lot of money by those who jump too soon in the spring - buying plants that need another month or so before being safe to put in the garden.

Leycestria formosana - Pheasant BerryConversely, gardeners often miss out on additional weeks of garden pleasure by being perhaps too wary in the spring, and delaying things until 100% sure that spring is really happening. Timing is all. On that we can give little information or advice. People who forecast the weather often get it wrong - and it is their job, sometimes with years of experience.

There are many styles of home gardens, and a wide range of requirements for those garden from home owners. (Front gardens will different from back gardens in most cases.) Playground; horticultural showpiece; home improvement; outside room; relaxation area; entertaining area or even a 'grow what you eat' garden! In short, a garden is what you want it to be.

Gardening Made Easy

Our mission statement if you like for this section will be that we intend to make your gardening easy, or at least easy to understand. If you insist upon double digging your vegetable plot each winter, there is not too much we can do to make your task any easier - other than to suggest to you - with reasons - why you should maybe not do this onerous task each year.

We will often be fighting convention as far as the gardening professionals are concerned. So be it. Anyone with an open mind will have seen the any changes in gardening folklore that have taken place over the last few years or so. We have the utmost respect for all types of gardens and gardening. We also have our own experience and science based opinions and information.

Very often our information and advice will be at odds with what has been, and still is being written. We do not propagate ideas simply because someone else has written them!

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