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What is Nutrition - Nourishment?

You could be forgiven for thinking that Nutrition - or nourishment - simply comes out of a packet! The multi-national food companies have almost made the phrase their own. Often mistakenly so!

Nutrition is basically the supply of food (energy) to the trillions of cells that make up the human body. In fact the same goes for all cells in both animal and plant kingdoms. Without nutrition, cells cannot survive. Nutrition is the most important provision that sustains all life. All systems of life need nutrients to live. The provision of these nutrients is basically what nutrition is.

All cells in the body require a supply of energy. The energy is transported around the body in the blood stream primarily - this includes all vital organs such as the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidney. In fact the body and all of its parts need energy to renew and sustain itself.

The nutrients which are essential for good nutrition, are contained in the foods we eat or drink - to a larger or lesser degree - depending upon our diet lifestyle. Nutrients are a wide range of substances that are either processed from the foods we eat - or are supplied from our bodies. Some nutrients are available from our own body's activities. 

Some nutrients are needed on a relatively large scale - in regular doses (macro-Nutrients) - for instance to lessen the effects of Free Radicals whereas others are needed only in small doses (micro-nutrients) and not necessarily as daily intake.

Different foods supply different forms of nutrition, which is one of the reasons why a varied diet is generally required. A good balanced diet - of which more later - is essential for prolonged and healthy life. 

Everything we eat, is transformed into assorted chemicals which are then made available for the body to use - renewing old cells; generating new cells; providing the basic materials for cell life to sustain itself.  Without proper nutrition, cells will not thrive. They may survive for a time, but that is NOT thriving. Not least is the importance of good nutrition to form energy. Without energy, the body cannot function. Energy - as used by the body - is not simply the ability to get up and go!

Nutrition and Food - Healthy Foods

More or less all foods have the potential to provide nutrients, but that does not make those foods nutritious. Most foods only supply some of the nutrition that we need! For a food to be classed as nutritious, it must be capable of providing some of the basic raw materials that provide the body with suitable nutrition.

 A wide range of nutrients are required by the body, and a wide range of foods are necessary to provide the body with the nutrition that it requires to carry out its life-enhancing capabilities. Be aware of what Free radicals are - and do what is necessary to reduce the aging and health implications

Good nutrition invariable leads to a good healthy prolonged life. The affects of poor nutrition are too readily available on TV news programmes as yet a further food shortage or famine deprives human beings - and animals alike - of the basic foodstuffs needed to sustain a meaningful life. But poor nutrition is also to be seen in everyday western life, with the reverse effect of obesity all too visible.

Poor nutrition is not only confined to African countries. It is also prevalent in so-called developed western nations. The way our food is processed, and the manner in which we eat, are all evident in all walks of life. Poor nutrition is not simply about thin emancipated souls. It is also one of the main causes of obesity - together with a wide range of preventable diseases which serve to shorten our lives or make our lives miserable catalogue of what are often totally preventable illnesses.

This then - is the importance of Nutrition!

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