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What is Obese – Obesity Definition?

Obesity is the condition or state of the human body that relates to excess weight or being too fat! If you are classed as obese, you are basically more than just overweight. Most people are now classed as being overweight throughout the whole world. That does not lessen the severity of the major avoidable health problem of carrying too much weight – fat!

In fact, figures and research released during the last week ( 1st April 2016) have found that there are now more obese than non-obese peopled in the developed world!

Rarely, obesity can be caused by a physical body malfunction or malaise. Mostly, it is caused by a person’s negligence and disregard of matters relating to preventable diseases. It was easy to categorise it in this section of ‘health’. Some will view obesity as a cosmetic or fashion inconvenience - boobs bursting out; belly overflowing; clothes no longer fitting. Inconveniences they may be, but the real problem is the myriad of preventable health problems associated with the accumulation of fat in and around the body.

What Causes Obesity

Obesity is not a disease; it is an avoidable condition that has been allowed to manifest. The basic cause of obesity – or excess body fat – is eating more energy (food) than you use up by movement (exercise). (A very simple equation of energy in : energy out.)

Energy in…

The type of food that we eat is a BIG factor in the rise of obesity in western civilizations. Most food out of a packet, or manufacturers wrapping contains sugar (energy) – sometimes disguised as ‘not sugar’ including sucrose, glucose, syrup, and others – which whatever their name, are broken down in the digestion system into sugar.

Quite simply the overall consumption of food, should match our body’s energy needs.

Energy out….

The other side of the two part equation is our need for energy. The body needs energy to carry out normal functions – such as breathing, blood circulation and digestion as well as walking and anything else that requires physical movement. . All are working functions that need an energy source which ever since we have been on this earth, has been in the form of sugar!  Pressing the TV remote and texting on the mobile also requires energy – but not a lot!


If we eat more energy than we need, the body will store the excess energy in or on our body, as fat! It does this, because life in the past dictated that sometimes you had food available; sometimes you did not. The body has not yet come to terms - or adapted - to a continuous consumption of food and sugars; nor a depleted need for energy, by a lifestyle over the last decade or so which is generally lethargic and not requiring this store of energy FAT which therefore builds up.

Not wanted; not needed; not used; but being added to every day, snack and sugar-laden drinks and foods are rammed into our bodies – all with the help of the food manufacturers, who capitalize upon the fact that the body craves sugar. But ultimately, it is we – who have to take responsibility for our weight.

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