Body Mass Index - BMI.

BMI is one of the most relevant and widely accepted measures of your weight in relation to your general health and wellbeing. It is obtained by the application of the Body Mass Index - or BMI as it is usually referred to.

Quite simply, the Body Mass Index is a figure arrived at by comparing your weight to your height. It is not a perfect tool or measurement, but it is widely accepted as being the best measure of your healthy weight in relation to your height.

Once you know your BMI, you will have an overall assessment of how well you are doing in the health stakes. Most people do not know their Body Mass Index Figure, because to find it out, you will need to use a calculator - or at least have a very good mental arithmetic capacity! As usual, we come to your assistance with the formula, and also a table of weights from which you should be able to get a quick idea of how you are doing.

Categories for BMI

There are 5 normal categories for assessing your health risks in relation to obesity, as follows.......

Here is how to find out your own BMI - Body Mass Index.

The calculation required to find your own Body Mass Index - BMI - is .......

  1. Your weight in pounds multiplied by 703 (Weight ......lbs x 703 = ???)
  2. Your height in inches times 2. (Height .....inches x 2 = ???)
  3. BMI = Answer to No1 divided by Answer No2.

A typical example - my own - would be ....

  1. My weight (in lbs) x 703 (171lbs x 703) = 120,213
  2. My height (in inches) x My height in inches)   (69 x 69 = 4,761
  3. My BMI =  120,213 / 4,761 = 25.24

No escaping the fact - known to me - that I am a little overweight.

Am I concerned? NO! I am happy, because 5 months ago my weight was 198lbs! (My BMI at that time was 28.5) That was well on the way to being obese. YUK! I did something about it. You bet! That is why I have written this website!

Sample BMI Tables.....

Height 66in (5ft 6in or 165cms) So, height x height = 4356 (used in calculation of Body Mass Index from the tables below.)

Weight Weight x 703 /ht x ht = BMI Status
90lbs (40kg) 63,270 /4536 = 15 Underweight
110lbs (50kg) 77350 /4536 = 18 Normal
130lbs (59kg) 91,390 /4536 = 21 Normal
154lbs (70kg) 105,450 /4536 = 24 Normal
170lbs (78kg) 119,510 /4536 = 27 Overweight
190lbs (86kg) 133,570 /4536 = 31 Obese
210lbs (95kg) 147,630 /4536 = 34 Obese
230lbs (105kg) 161,690 /4536 = 37 Obese
250lbs (114kg) 175,750 /4536 = 40 Morbid Obesity

Other Height Calculations for your BMI

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