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If you do not have good health, then your whole life will suffer. And, one of the main problems is, that we are not very good generally about looking after ourselves. Most people who own a car, realise that if it is regularly serviced, then any problems are known in advance and subsequently dealt with before they become serious. If the car is not looked after or serviced regularly, then problems are sudden - and usually expensive! So it is with our health.

The big problem with health is the fact that so many of us know we are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, yet choose to do nothing about it. FACT! No point in pulling any punches in this section. Most people are unhealthy, because they choose to be unhealthy. It dawns upon us too late, that we have been living wrong. Yet it is rarely too late to start changing.

 Too much is spent on aftercare and drugs and very little is actually invested in 'preventing' ill health.    

Drug companies and medical professionals do not make money from people who are well and healthy! Too many vested interests control how our healthcare functions. OK - down off the soap box and back to general health. (But you can read my own experiences about preventative health here).

If the body and mind are not looked after, then problems will happen - often costly problems in personal terms.

With a car, if anything goes wrong, it is usually confined to one item or area of the car. The clutch, the engine, the gear box are areas where we expect to have problems long term.  With our health, something going wrong in one part of the body, often leads to problems in other parts. The good news is that many health problems are avoidable. If not totally avoidable, then we can reduce the odds of health problems quite dramatically by taking care of ourselves.

Taking care of ourselves does NOT mean going to the doctor regularly, though this may be necessary in some cases.

Lifestyle and Health!

People born today - and in the past - have an inbuilt life expectancy of ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY YEARS! (120 years). But - almost from the cradle - and before - we are eroding that lifespan by our unhealthy living. Virtually every research on all the preventable diseases, come down to the fact that we are living lives which are not healthy. The main cause of preventable diseases - such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, many Cancers, killing us, is the fact that we eat the wrong foods. Our own research suggests in fact, that we are not eating enough of the right foods. There is quite a subtle difference in those two sentences!

Very few people actually die of old age. They die young - compared to how long they should live - from almost entirely preventable diseases. Fatal diseases that are brought on by stupid , smoking, excess alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle - and the general lack of motivation to live a healthy life.

The biggest crime, is the fact that we have parents who knowingly are killing their kids by allowing them to eat junk foods that everyone knows, lead to obesity at the least, and which help to destroy our immune system, by imbalances in our hormonal system which largely take care - or otherwise - of our immune system. The Immune System is REAL, it is not a bit of mumbo jumbo. Let the kids see off their immune systems, and you take years off their lives!

If you force feed your kids with salt, you will have problems with the law - and rightly so. If you force feed your kids with junk food - and YES, you are responsible, the legal system turns a blind eye, other than in very rare and special circumstances.

Hopefully, the health pages in this section will help you attain your 120 years - or at least prolong your already-determined lifespan by as much as 20% - WHATEVER your age is now! Dying of old age is your right; you were born with that right; why die too young, when there is no need to? Why? An added bonus to living a life of healthy options is the fact that your prolonged life can be an active, healthy one. No need to dread or worry about the normal effects of old age!

Let's start today, and determine that we are going to live longer, more healthily, and start making plans to that end, for ourselves and our CHILDREN! You as an individual or as a parent, have that choice. Your children are dependent upon you for guidance! 

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