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Cancer - How to Avoid.

Yet another report published 7th December 2011 shows that at least 42% of all cancers can be prevented! Report follows report follows report - but still Cancer claims the most lives after Heart Attacks.

 Why? Quite simple. To avoid the ravages of cancer - as with virtually ALL other life-threatening diseases, we have to actually do something. We have to change our lifestyle. The fact is, that we have to make changes to our lives. Changes do not simply happen - unless you get cancer. Then, believe me, changes WILL happen in your life. I should know, I had cancer of the throat, twenty one years ago. I am still here now, and intend to be around for many years to come yet!

Unless we are prepared to make relatively simple lifestyle changes - not beyond possibility for most of us - then it is certain that we are shortening our potential life span, and more important, we are shortening our 'useful' lifespan!

Most cancers are caused by smoking, lack of exercise and all which that sedentary lifestyle thrusts upon us, and eating the wrong food!

Giving up smoking is not impossible and neither is it easy. Dealing with the cancer that is often a results of all those fags is not easy either. For many who do not give up the habit, there are a number of different cancers which will intervene in your life. 

A little bit more exercise is a relatively easy thing to accomplish as a start. It does not mean long sessions at the gym. Moderate exercise is a life saver, and a life extender. Continual slobbing about on the sofa in front of the TV, is not conducive to a longer life, and often will result in your shortened life being unpleasant in the closing years. It need not be that way. Exercise prevents many cancers - FACT

Making the right food and  is a great way - proven fact, time after time - to extend your life, and to extend your useful life as well. No one wants to grow old as an obese mound of fat. Yes many are well on the way to that state - from ages as young as 6 years old! Obesity, welcomes several types of cancer - as well as a host of other PREVENTABLE disease.

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