Skin: How to Prevent Ageing Skin

For most people, the sign of ageing skin is an important wake-up call that the body is getting older. Even so, the acceptance of, and response to, ageing skin varies from person to person.

The immediate response is often one of cosmetic ‘cures’ either a cream, lotion, or even some surgical adjustment.

We often overlook the fact that wrinkles, sags, and spots, usually start from within. They connect with free radicals and then burst forth onto the surface of the skin. They show up as spots, dark rings, ‘laughter lines’, and other blemishes seen as skin problems.

Skin Care and Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies make billions out of our preoccupation with the condition of the skin. We usually fail to take the real action required to ensure a young, supple, soft, moist skin. More often than not, skin care is based upon treating the symptom of ageing, instead of treating and caring for the basic cause.

All too often, many people see beauty as simply being skin-deep. Certainly, skin is one of the first things that people notice about us. Together with facial qualities, it determines how others first perceive us. It is the first thing we see each morning in the mirror and often the first sign that all is not well, deeper inside the body.

Fact, skin ageing is a natural process. But, as with all things ageing, there is a lot we can do to either push back the ageing process and sometimes even to reverse the damage that has started. Learn how to feed your blood system and you will be feeding your skin.

In line with your favourite ‘instant’ youth treatment, you would be wise to learn about the aging of skin. Find out what you can do to improve things by way of good and adequate nutrition – not just a quick panic fix!