How Long Can Humans Live?

Most people will have wondered at some point about how long they are going to live. In fact, we have a potential to live for 120 years, so what determines how long we will live?

It has not always been so. But, advances in science and technology have improved the biological clock for human beings. Nowadays, the potential is for humans to tick away for up to 120 years.

We did the calculation and that equates to well over one million hours of life potential for many of us. But, there are a few problems that get in the way. They also help to determine how long we actually ‘will’ stay alive.

Controlling How Long We Live

We have no control over some of the things that determine how long we actually will live. Yet, there are many factors (choices) in life which we have full control over, but we choose to ignore or neglect. In so doing, we confine ourselves to a premature death, or ‘a shortened life‘. In truth, it amounts to a life well short of the 120 years potential for humans.

The life-span of the average males is now more than 75 years and 80+ years for women. So, what is it that goes wrong? That question almost suggests that the things that ‘go wrong’ are totally outside our control. So, where do the ‘loss’ of 45 years of human life disappear to?

Can Humans ‘Decide to Live Longer Lives’?

First of all, we should realise that there is a big difference between ‘life potential’ and that of ‘life expectancy’! Few humans ever reach their full potential at anything in life. It is largely because of choices that we make.

There are also circumstances beyond our control which have a say in the matter. So it is only with ‘potential’ to live for 120 years. Some things get in the way of our long life potential which are often ‘beyond our control’. They include the life-shortening causes for human beings such as:

Health Related Matters 76.2%.

This figure is not truly accurate for the statement ‘beyond our control’. There are many aspects of our life which humans can, and should, address and take responsibility for. It would be one of the genuine ways to reach our maximum life potential.

Other Matters 17.3%

These figures include all manner of accidents, self harm, assault, and homicide. The latter, fortunately, forms a small part of the so-called ‘other’ causes.

Sadly, our foreshortened longer life expectancy is largely as a result of our own actions. It occurs by way of the lifestyle we choose to adopt and by the stupid health risks we take. These occur by way of poor diet and sedentary way of life – in attitude and in application. Following good advice about health gives us the best chance to make the ripe old age of 100 (and more).

Nonetheless, many see old age as synonymous with fragility and general demise of both mind and spirit. Look around you, and see how many of your friends and family are already at that stage, at the age of 50, 60, or 70!

Look further and you will see many who are well past the age of 70. They are living a long, full, and healthful life. Often, they can give ‘youngsters’ a run for their money – both physically and mentally!

It is possible for humans to live a long life, rich in all things and in fulfillment. Take away the outside influences, and there is no reason why life should not be long, healthful, and meaningful for the vast majority of people.

For it to be so, you will need to start taking responsibility for your own welfare now. It is never too early, and rarely too late, to take on board good advice about ageing.

The Potential for Longer Life

We certainly have the potential for longer life. But, as with many things in life, few ever reach their full long life potential. One reason being that we need to take action to reach it. Life is too great a gift for us to have the right to neglect it. Live it; live your life long; nurture it, and above all ENJOY IT!

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That said, you will give the politicians much to worry about by living to, or near, your long life potential. And that is all the more reason for doing so!

All this information suggests there is good improvement, especially when compared to the year 1900. Back then, the average life expectancy was a mere 50 years! Humans have been given a long life to live. We should learn how to use, and not neglect, that gift.