Dying of Old Age

There are a handful of preventable diseases that shorten life expectancy. But, taking a different approach may mean you will die of old age instead – as healthy people should do!

Dying too young need not be that way if choose to do something about it early enough. In many cases, avoiding degenerative diseases is achievable. With concerted action, there are ways to arrest or even reverse them. The guidance and information is freely available to the medical profession, and indeed, to all of us as well.

Never has the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ been so true. Yet, most medical practitioners, aided and abetted by the pharmaceutical industry, seem to do little about it. Or do they?

There appears to be one big problem. Doctors are aware of the preventative steps available. Yet, they do not have the time, or worse in some cases realise that it would be an impossible task for them. So, it means their patients need some good advice about health and a change of lifestyle!

Prepare to Die of Old Age

You CAN and SHOULD prepare yourself now, to die of old age. Do not slide into one of the many degenerative diseases that are more or less accepted as the norm. Most of us ‘hope’ that we will avoid dying of cancer. Whereas, others rather fatalistically hope that it will be a sudden death by way of a massive heart attack.

There is no point waiting for the first signs of frailty to creep upon us with the intention of doing something about a decrepit body at that point. For instance, the first thing that around 30% of all heart disease sufferers are aware of is that they are no longer here! Death from heart disease for that 30% happens totally unannounced – and sudden. It would be too late to lose some weight then!

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