Die of Old Age - You Can: YOU SHOULD!

It is a sad fact of life, that most of us choose to die of some preventable disease; prematurely and in most cases unnecessary! Those preventable diseases include Heart Disease, many Cancers and Strokes. 

It need not be that way if choose to do something about it early enough. In many cases degenerative diseases can be avoided, arrested or even reversed if we take the necessary action. This is not ballyhoo, but information that is freely available to the medical profession, and indeed all of us.

Never has the phrase 'Prevention is better than Cure been so true. Yet, most medical practitioners - aided and abetted by the pharmaceutical industry - are unable to do anything about it. Or are they?

The big problem is, that Doctors who are aware of the preventative steps that can be taken, simply do not have the time, or worse, in some cases realise that it would be an impossible task for them, for it means that their patients would need a change of lifestyle!

You CAN and SHOULD prepare yourself now, to die of old age, and not simply slide into one of the many degenerative diseases that are more or less accepted as the norm. Most of us 'hope' that we will not die of cancer. Others rather fatalistically hope that it will be a sudden death by way of massive heart attack.

It is no point waiting until the first signs of decrepitating creep upon us with the intention of then doing something about it. For instance, the first thing that around 30% of all heart disease sufferers are aware of is that they are no longer here! Death from heart disease for that 30% is totally unannounced - and sudden. Too late to lose some weight then!

How long can humans live?

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