There are few substitutes for living a life full of good health and well-being. Getting evidence-based advice about health should be part of any personal plans for healthy living.

If you do not have good health, then your whole life will suffer. One of the general problems is that we are not very good at taking care of ourselves.

To use an analogy, a car needs regular servicing and maintenance. It helps to prevent major problems developing over time. Without regular care and attention, the car can develop sudden problems. Often, they are severe and expensive to fix, and so it is with our health!

Reasons Why Some People are Unhealthy

Many of us know we are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, and yet we choose to do nothing about it. So why are some people more unhealthy than others? It is because they ‘choose’ to be unhealthy. It dawns upon us too late, that we have been living wrong, even though it is rarely too late to start changing.

Too much money gets spent on drugs and aftercare, whereas less is actually invested in ‘preventing’ ill health.

Drug companies and medical professionals do not make money from people who are healthy! Too many vested interests control how our healthcare functions. But, if the body and mind are not looked after, then problems will happen and the health service makes more money.

Going back to the car analogy, if anything goes wrong it is usually confined to one item or one area of the vehicle. The clutch, the engine, and the gearbox are all areas where we expect to have problems in the long term.

Whereas, with our health if something goes wrong in one part of the body, it often leads to problems in others. The good news is that many health problems are avoidable. Even if not completely avoidable, we can reduce the odds of severe health problems by taking care of ourselves.

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In part, taking care of ourselves does NOT always mean going to the doctor on a regular basis, though it may be necessary in some cases.

Lifestyle and Health

People born today – and in the past – have an inbuilt life expectancy of ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY YEARS! (120 years). But, we are eroding that lifespan by our unhealthy living almost from the cradle.

Research on preventable diseases suggests we are not living healthy lifestyles. The big ‘preventable’ killers are diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. Research also suggests we are eating too many ‘wrong’ foods and not eating enough of the ‘right’ foods. There is a significant difference between the two!

Some Reasons Why People Die

Very few people actually die of old age. They die far too young from preventable diseases, when compared with how long they should live. Some of the most common causes of fatal diseases include:

  • A general lack of motivation to live a healthy life
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoking (and the effects of passive smoking)

Some will consider it a crime that parents ‘knowingly’ allow their kids to eat junk foods. Doing so can lead to obesity as well as helping to destroy the immune system. It can cause imbalances in the hormonal system. The human immune response is REAL – not Mumbo Jumbo. Not encouraging kids to develop a healthy immune system could be taking years off their lives!

Advice for Health Conclusion

You may not get to 120, despite following the good advice about health offered in this section. Even so, following it may help to prolong your already-determined lifespan by as much as 20%.

Dying of old age is your right, you were born with that right, so why die too young if there is no actual need to. An added bonus to living a life of healthy options is the fact that your prolonged life can be an active and wholesome healthy one. There may be no need to dread or worry about the normal effects of old age.

You can start today with a positive determination to live longer and in better health. Make those plans for yourself and for the sake of your children. It is the choice of every individual and every parent.