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The information on these pages about financial aspects, are of a general nature and intended to point you in the right direction to obtain the proper financial help or information you require. We are not financial advisors. We simply give you the facts - which are already in the public domain - but in language that can be understood.

This area of the site is not about how to make a million or so, simply laying out some ground rules about how to manage your own financial affairs, or find someone who suits, to do that task for you.

Financial problems can be caused by a multitude of events. Often the problems can be prevented, or at least diluted to a large degree with the proper advice. Bad advice can have the opposite effect - putting you further into the compost heap! There is often a way out of financial difficulties, that way should NOT cost you more money!

Personal Finance

Our main aim is to present financial information about aspects of raising money for personal reasons - taking out and paying loans from finance companies, banks and those that are on the periphery of the mainstay of raising finance Options for house or property purchase, renting and leasing, and car purchase or leasing.

You cannot get very far without your personal finances in the UK without the use of a Bank!

Debt and how to Deal with It.

Debt is an important part of everyday life. Not many can live in the way to which they would like to be accustomed without the help of debt! Debt management is essential to keep within safe limits. These limits will vary from person to person. There is good debt, and there is bad debt!

Financial Advisors

There are persons in the UK who are bona fide Independent Financial advisors. Some work for you - others work for companies and organisations.

Organisations to help with Financial Matters

Accountants and to a lesser extent solicitors are often the first call when you need financial help or advice. There is other financial advice available - some of it is free.

Banks and your Finance

You cannot get far in life - or with your financial matters - without having to use a bank. Love them or hate them, you need to understand how they work, and how they handle your money! Banks and Banking.

Personal Taxation

Personal Taxation Information about how the UK Tax authorities work and how they are entitles to take some of your money in the various forms of direct and indirect taxation. There are different rules and table for many different sectors of the UK population. Get to know your own personal tax regime.

General Financial Help

Many people in the UK are entitled so some form or other of 'benefits' paid directly by the government, or from your local authority. Benefits are legal - unless you decide to take the illegal option of claiming benefits.

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