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There was a time not so long ago, when if you had a job, you could feel quite relaxed about life. That time has passed. It is now the present!

The days of 'jobs for life' have long gone, and areas that were once thought of as the most secure places for lifetime jobs - such as employment in banking - have now been turned into areas of uncertainty.

I started my life as a coal miner, at a time when we all assumed that the country would always need coal - from our own particular coal field. I reluctantly – but fortunately - gave up my job to seek another career - most certainly a drastic and life-changing area of employment . It was only a few years later, that my friends were all out of work, as the coal mining industry was closed down. Let's forget the politics of that, and deal with the real problem. Thousands of miners were put out of a job, and had nothing else by way of employment that they could turn their hand to! There had never been any need to learn another trade - other than health - or even to have a flexible approach to employment.

That employment scenario has been replicated throughout all industries and professions. Employees - and bosses - have been cast aside at relatively short notice, as the country - the world - changes gear!  

The only certain thing about having a 'secure' job, is the uncertainty!

All too often, we are in the situation where we are living to work, instead of working to live! Longer hours at work and travelling to and from work are biting into our own time. We have to sacrifice our own time, to ensure that we fall into line with what is expected. A big problem is that if we do not do the job the way our employers wants, someone else will. In reality, we have to keep up with the pace which so many find acceptable.

Workplace stress is a real problem for many, and the often ignored personal stress with relationships, families, and kids is taking toll on the very society in which we live.

There are 37,000,000 searches every month in the UK, which include the word ''jobs'' (Google Adwords tool). Clearly there are not 37 million people unemployed, but the search results are broken down into phrases such as .....

    Jobs in various areas of the UK

    Jobs abroad

    Change my job

    A better Job

    How to get better at my job

    Is my job safe

    What to do if I have no job.

    Online jobs

    Jobs I can do at home

    Job satisfaction

    Don't like my job

People are obviously dissatisfied, scared, or have simply just had enough. Most of those searches will have come from people who have jobs.  Many of those may well be happy with the employment that they have, but are seeking to go one better. Or just studying the opportunities!

Certainly, the workplace is not what it used to be. So what is the way forward for employment? Simply looking for another job, and maybe getting it, is not always the best way forward. Maybe there is something to be said about making the most of what you have, and exploring other avenues and methods of work that could change your whole life.

 Just sitting there at the desk, or pressing those buttons, or digging those holes, day after day, does little to add value to your life. If you are bored at work, that boredom will spill over into every aspect of your life. That is the real danger.

In short, the way we work is not working (for us)!

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