In days gone by, having a job meant you could feel quite relaxed about life. Nowadays, more people need advice about employment and help to find work!

The days of ‘jobs for life’ have long gone. Some areas were once thought of as the most secure places for lifetime jobs (e.g. employment in banking). But, even these cornerstones have become areas of uncertainty.

A lack of employment replicates throughout almost all industries and all professions. Employees, and bosses, have been cast aside at short notice as the country and the world changes gear.

The Uncertainties of Secure Jobs

In many ways, the only certain thing about having a ‘secure’ job, is the insecurity that comes with it!

All too often, we are in the situation where we are living to work, instead of working to live. Thus, longer hours at work, and travelling to and from the workplace, will bite its way into time spent for ourselves. Most of us will sacrifice our own time to make sure we fall into line with what’s expected of us.

A big problem is that if we do not do the job the way our employer wants, someone else will. In reality, we have to keep up with the pace which so many find acceptable.

Dealing with Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is a real problem for many. The often ignored personal stress with relationships, with families, and with kids takes its toll on the very society in which we live.

Millions of internet searches include the word ‘jobs’ each and every month. Even so, it outweighs the actual number of unemployed people. Among the most popular search results given for job related advice are phrases such as:

  • Jobs in various areas
  • Jobs abroad
  • Change my job
  • A better Job
  • How to get better at my job
  • Is my job safe
  • What to do if I have no job?
  • Online jobs
  • Jobs I can do at home
  • Job satisfaction
  • Don’t like my job

So, people are somewhat dissatisfied, scared, or have had enough. Most of those searches will have come from people who already have jobs. Many of those may well be happy with the employment they have, but are seeking to go one better. Or, they may be studying other opportunities for employment.

The Workplace for Employment has Changed

There is no doubt that the workplace is not what it used to be. So what is the best advice on a forward pathway for employment?

Looking for another job, and then getting it, is not always the best way forward. There is a lot of merit in making the most of what you have. Even so, exploring other avenues along with other methods of work could change your whole life.

On the subject of giving advice about life, there is a real danger. Most will agree that sitting at a desk, pressing buttons, or digging holes, day after day adds little value to it. Boredom at work can spread into every aspect of our lifestyles. For some, that is the real source of danger.

In short, the way we work is not working (for us)!