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One thing that is certain in business these days, is that nothing stands still!

 A business will either rise of fall. This can happen simply by the opposition moving up or down. These movements will affect your own business also. The days of comfort-zone small businesses have gone. If your business does not move forward, then your competitor's business will. In effect, this will push your own business backwards! There are winners and there are losers. This is true of all businesses.

The information to succeed is available to all these days in this global communications world of the web. It's one thing getting the information and help - and maybe even understanding it. It is quite another thing to grasp a business idea and turn it into a money earner!

There are very few 'virgin' business ideas floating around out there. Most have already been plucked; tried out; and left as second-hand jobs for others to try afterwards.

Leeches, waiting to cling to any source of blood and suck it dry. Be one step ahead all the time. I own several successful websites (This will be another) and have to keep ahead of the pack, be aware of the theft of ideas, be innovative and above all be enthusiastic. You don't have to be ruthless, but neither can you be complacent.

Almost daily we see information of yet another lawsuit being bought by a company who thinks their ideas have been stolen and put to better use. The bigger and more successful you are - or aspire to be - the more the competition will cherry-pick at your ideas. It takes guts to be in business these days - large or small. If you are not up for the fight, then leave it to the others - stay comfortable!

Small businesses may be owned by a single person - or perhaps a family. You should also ensure the people you employ are part of your business community. So much good business information and many useful ideas can come from your employees. Don't think that you are the only person in the business with good ideas or something to add!

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 If that little lot does not excite you, then perhaps you are better off looking at our Employment section! Being in business needs energy; acumen; responsibility and dedication. It is a battlefield out there, and the more you win, the more others will want to either cling to you, or steal from you.

Never take anything for granted in business! 

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