The information in this section provides general advice about finance and financial services. The aim is to point you in the right direction on where to get expert financial help or guidance!

This segment is not meant to show how to make a million in profit for very little effort. Other websites lay claim to that one. Instead, we are laying out some ground rules on how to manage your own financial affairs. You can use it as a help guide for finding someone who will suit your needs and carry out the tasks that you want fixing.

Financial problems result from a multitude of different, and often uncontrollable, events. Getting proper advice about finance can prevent many of the problems in the first place – or at least dilute them.

Bad financial advice can have the opposite effect. There is often a way out of financial difficulties and that way should NOT cost you extra money!

Personal Finance

Another aim is to present financial information about the different aspects of raising money. Whether you are looking for advice about business or for personal reasons, the topic would usually include:

  • Taking out and paying loans from banks or finance companies.
  • Realizing finance options for a house or some other property purchase.
  • Raising finance for renting or purchasing a car or other vehicle.

Note: It is almost impossible to move forward with personal finances without the involvement of a banking institution!

Debt and How to Deal with It

Debt is an important part of everyday life. Few people can live in a way that suits their aspirations without some kind of indebtedness. So, proper debt management and keeping within safe limits is essential. Even though the limits will vary from person to person, there is good and bad debt!

Financial Advisers

You will find professionals who are bona fide independent financial advisers. Some will do direct work for you, whereas others work for companies and organisations.

Organisations to Help with Financial Matters

Accountants, and to a lesser extent solicitors, will be the first point of call when you need financial help or advice. Even so, there is other financial advice available and some of it is free.

Banks and Your Finance

You cannot get far in life, or with your financial matters, without having to use a bank of some sorts. Love them or hate them, you need to understand how they work and how they handle your money.

Personal Taxation

There is no substitute for getting good advice about personal taxation. Very few people completely understand how tax authorities work.

They have a legal entitlement to take some of your hard-earned money. In most cases, they will collect it in the various forms of direct and indirect taxation.

Note: There are different rules used to calculate taxes for the different sectors of population. Always get professional advice to help you understand your own personal tax regime.

General Financial Help

As a rule, the most vulnerable people can some form of welfare benefits paid by government. In some cases, the local authority may also assist in other ways. You can consider welfare benefits as a legal entitlement. But, you must avoid taking the illegal option of claiming benefits in a fraudulent manner.

Note: We do not claim to be financial advisers. We give you the simple facts – already in the public domain – but in a language that you can understand. Always seek professional advice on financial matters of a serious nature!