Advice Synonyms and Antonyms

So, you are trying to find another word for advice giver, or a word that means the opposite. We are confident you will find it in this definitive guide to advice synonyms and antonyms.

First, let’s make it clear what exactly is a synonym and what is an antonym.

Difference Between Synonyms and Antonyms

What is a Synonym?

A word or a phrase meaning exactly (or very nearly) the same as another unit of language (i.e. lexeme), when used in the same language, is a synonym. Multiple synonyms are words that are synonymous of each other.

So, synonymy is the state of being a synonym. For example, the words begin, commence, initiate, and start are all synonyms of one another.

What is an Antonym?

An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to some other word. For example, full is an exact antonym of empty. Thus, antonyms are words that mean the opposite of another word.

What’s the bottom line?

In simple terms, a synonym is the closest word that is opposite to an antonym. Besides expanding our vocabulary, using synonyms and antonyms in English writing helps to avoid repetition.

Note: Editors, poets, songwriters, teachers, students, and blog writers use synonyms and antonyms on a daily basis to add variety to education and writing.

Advice Synonyms with Strong Relevance

  • adjuration
  • admonishment
  • aid
  • appraisal
  • consultation
  • encouragement
  • enlightenment
  • exhortation
  • feedback
  • guidance
  • help
  • hint
  • information
  • input
  • instruction
  • judgment
  • lesson
  • news
  • opinion
  • pointer
  • prescription
  • proposal
  • recommendation
  • suggestion
  • tip
  • view
  • warning
  • word

Advice Synonyms with Less Significance

  • admonition
  • advisement
  • advocacy
  • answer
  • bum steer
  • caution
  • charge
  • consideration
  • counsel
  • data
  • directions
  • dissuasion
  • exhortation
  • forewarning
  • injunction
  • notice
  • persuasion
  • proposition
  • solution
  • steer
  • teaching
  • telltale
  • thought
  • tidings
  • tip-off
  • two cents’ worth
  • word to the wise
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Advice Antonyms with Strong Relevance

  • blockage
  • discouragement
  • dishonesty
  • hindrance
  • ignorance
  • impetuosity
  • injury
  • obstruction
  • question

Advice Antonyms with Less Significance

  • opposition
  • betrayal
  • deceit
  • deception
  • excuse
  • falsehood
  • lie
  • misinformation
  • misrepresentation

Advices: Plural Form of Advice in English

As a rule, the word ‘advices’ written as the plural of advice, refers to a report of recent events or to facts not previously known.

An example: The advices issued by the council authority suggest they would stick to their position for at least another week.

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