Difference Between Advice and Advise with Examples.

Our first bit of advice is to answer simply....

This site is full of useful advice, which is not to say that we advise you! Though by making this site available to you, it could be argued that we are advising you!

The sentences above are simple examples of the difference between the two words – advise and advice. The words ‘advice’ and ‘advise’ are prone to misuse throughout the web; life; conversation; sales information.

Basically ‘Advice’ is an item; be it a collection of research data or a hive of personal experiences.

To advise on the other hand, is the passing on of that information or advice. We offer you advice.

Most people will go to a solicitor for the advice they have to offer – either from experience; knowledge of the law; or the information at their fingertips via journals, collections of statutes.  When that information is in the ownership of your solicitor it is simply a treasured database of information that they have – and you want.

If you ask for their advice they will of course – for a fee - offer you that advice. In passing that information to you, they will be advising you, or as they wrongly say, they will be 'giving' you advice. (You will be buying that advice when they advise you!)

They had advice, which they passed on to you - advising you!

Advising is the act of giving advice – whether it asked for or not! Then you become the adviser – or advisor. That your advice is accepted or relied upon depends upon the advised person.

If you have dependable advice about a certain subject, you may be asked to help as an independent advisor. This is sometimes the case at formal or informal meetings where you may be invited in an advisorial - advisarial -  capacity. You will not be present to help decide the outcome; simply to offer your expert advice when asked. Others will make use of your advice and decide whether or not to use it.

Advice and Advise Difference with Examples

Some alternative spellings  being Advize (rarely used); Advizor; Advizory:

Advice – You can take advice, or you can give advice

Advise – You cannot take nor give Advise, but you can advise someone or ask them to advise you.

Advised – You may be advised by a friend or a professional, that what you are thinking or doing is wrong – or right.

Advising – Here, we are advising you how the words centered around ‘advice’ can be used.

Adviser – So, if we are so advising you, we are acting as advisers, or as advisors – different spelling meaning the same thing, but with geographical differences as to use.  Advisor tends to be used when describing a professional person – especially in US and Canada.

Advisory - An Advisory can be a report or other literature which purports to give advice on certain matters. It is not a compulsory suggestion or order. It cantains advoice about a given subject.

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