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If you need someone to advise you, you could seek advice from a friend or a professional person who is capable of giving you that which you are seeking.

This website contains advice about a plethora of subjects. Many will be a simple reference of factual information gleaned from meticulous research. Other direction and expert help will come from knowledge gained from life itself.

Feel free to peruse and study the advice that we have. Then, adapt or ignore it according to your own particular circumstances.

We all differ in some ways, so very few snippets of advice will suit everyone. That’s what is making the task even more interesting. Our team of writers are also learning as they seek out information from various sources. Their chief role is filtering out what is either untrue or considered as bad advice!

We offer advice; we do not advise. As with all advice, those who seek it should study the information given and all its alternatives. One cap does not fit every head!

Advice About a Range of Essential Topics

Business Advice

In most cases, people in ‘big business’ will already have all the advice they need – misguided or not. So, our section concentrates on advising small businesses and micro entities instead.

A business will either rise or it will fall, and it can happen simply by the opposition moving up – or moving down. The advice about business section explains how these movements can affect your business too.

Other important topics include:

Education Advice

Education, learning, and training are all interwoven. But, there are significant differences that also separate them.

Information in the advice about education section aims to inform and help people with the education system as it exists today.

Employment Advice

Jobs for life are not as common as they used to be. Get some good advice on how you can make the most of your current job. This is the section to get helpful advice about employment and work related issues.

Finance Advice

The financial section is a topic that requires an extensive range of research. Some of which will include personal finance plans, debt management, and how to avoid it.

The general pointers in the advice about finance segment will help to steer you in the right direction.

Other important topics include:

Health Advice

Personal well-being is of the most important aspects of life, yet often ignored until it’s too late. Read through the advice about health tips and suggestions to see how long you could live by altering your ways.

Other important topics include:

Legal Advice

We do not charge fees for the input and advice on legal matters and staying within the law. Even so, all the information presented on legislation comes from meticulous research and fact.

Life Advice

The advice about life section covers homes and gardens as well leisure activities. Our homes are changing with fashions and trends. The gardens are also changing – with the earth’s climate being a new factor.

Remember when governments were prophesying about the increase in leisure time as automation took over?

There is no practicing ‘agony aunt’ involved in this website – nor an agony uncle! But, you will find helpful advice about matters of a personal nature too.

Even more topics covered in this section include:

Technology Advice

Whether you like it or not, information technology (IT) controls your life – or at least guides it. Computers are part of everyday life, but how much do you really understand when you get advice about technology and computers?